Tuesday, May 27, 2014


We're having twins!twins
I think we might still be in a state of shock. People joke about this kind of thing happening. And you're only suppose to see it in the movies, right?

I didn't even find out I was pregnant until I was already 8 week along. Buh-bye 2 months. And then a week later, I went for an ultrasound because my semi-paranoid doctor thought I was miscarrying, only to find out that there are two babes swimming around my uterus. What?!

You certainly can try and plan life out but it seems to be more important to be able to roll with the punches. We are so very very excited. Scared. But excited.

This is a high risk pregnancy, not only because it's twins, but because the two munchkins are sharing a placenta and seem to only have a very thin membrane between the two of them. If I didn't have complete confident faith in God, I would be freaking out. This is what God wanted for us and we are totally trusting him. The babes are in the best care possible.


  1. praying for you and your little babes!! xo

  2. how exciting, congratulations! i am a twin and my sister is my best friend. i wish you a healthy and happy preganacy. i love this photo, by the way, you are too cute and look like a woman with a good sense of humor - perfect attribute for a mama of twins, you're in for lots of fun with two. ;)


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